GROUNDED stands for the transition to a sustainable world. This goal is within our reach if we work on it all together. Through workshops and activities we want to tickle your mind, and engage you with new perspectives and interesting facts. Touch, smell, taste, hear and sight. All of it will be presented throughout the day and night.Information through all the senses. Experience it. Pause for a moment..And truly come to your own senses.

7 Billion Presidents

At Grounded Festival 2021 you are invited to think and talk about how we can build a happier, healthier, and more peaceful society together! 7 Billion Presidents (7BP) will come and share about how they are building a world where local businesses, communities, and individuals work together to build a world where there is well-being for all. Through a not-for-profit economy organized around renewable energy, well-being and the regeneration of nature, 7BP is shifting the narrative from extraction to regeneration, from consuming to giving, and from competition to collaboration.

Clothing Swap

Do you have clothes lying around that need a new life? At The Cross Pollination Station you can swap or upgrade your clothes. Denim or cotton is the way to go, or other less synthetic garments. Pick a print and let it be put on your clothes. Here you can also learn how to fix your own clothes.


An oasis of peace in the middle of all the party noises. Get loose with acroyoga, or recharge yourself with some sense stimulating meditation. Come into a higher dimension when getting tickled by the tickle ladies. Dance as if nobody is watching and let yourself heal by loving vibrations. At Kokon, you can escape from the all of the craziness and become part of a dreamy glittery community. Shoes off, earplugs out and it’s time to stretch your legs. Come back to your senses and get into that natural high. Get into a peaceful cocoon together, reset and emerge into a beautiful butterfly.

Stekplek Printing

Did you know that in the Netherlands we throw away ±145 million kilos of clothing every year? What a waste right? That's why Stekplek will be ready with their screen printer to give your old clothing a new life.

So take that old shirt of yours with you on the 10th of July and have it printed on Grounded Fest!

The Human Body: a holistic viewpoint

This interactive workshop is an invitation to question how you perceive yourself in relationship to the world around you, as well as the world within. Sit back and listen, or actively participate! It’s a free space to exchange your point of view.
Tamar (art therapy student) will guide this workshop to create a fun and safe environment where you can openly talk about what it means to be a human from a holistic viewpoint.


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Art & Decoration