Art & Decoration

At Grounded Festival you can be sure to get blown off your feet. Expect art that makes you think, feel, wonder and experience. Expect multitudinous ways in which your senses shall be stimulated.

Felipe Von Dobschütz-da Silva

Felipe Von Dobschütz-da Silva, artist and Grounded art coordinator, explores the physicality of craftsmanship and the dreamlike capabilities of technology. With influences from science, engineering and the contemporary bohemian culture he constructs interactive multisensory experiences to exhibit the psychedelic nature of reality. Inspired by makers and artists like Adam Savage and Martin Molin he reaches for various disciplines and the communities around them to find beautiful ideas and remix them into concepts that collectively break the mundane. Ever since he was a child he has been fascinated by the endless oscillation of relationships and collaboration. Growing up around theater, fine arts and music bands, he found his place as an undertaker and facilitator between different artforms, skills and people. He wholesomely believes that mindful collaboration gives way to a sum that exceeds its parts, with excellence that grows through every interaction.

Julia von Buch

From Germany to Utrecht, Julia von Buch is an illustrator. She learnt her art by herself, and expresses her main inspirations, such as her real life, philosophy of feminism on various supports : illustrations, prints, furniture paintings, clothes and even tattoos !

Laura van Daalen

For Laura van Daalen (1995), the landscape is a recurring theme. Laura is a visual artist who graduated from the academy of the arts (HKU) in Utrecht in 2019 . Currently she is studying the Master Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Laura creates minimal constructed landscapes through printing, painting, or installations, in which few characteristics are highlighted. The produced image leaves out certain details and brings composition and color as close together as possible. She continuously thinks-with nature, and crosses borders with geology, anthropology and other environmental sciences. Van Daalen weaves about the placement, design, aesthetics and the treatment of nature, and forms this into her artistic pieces. The artist is creating her own -scapes in which one can wonder if the artificial constructed work is actually any more different than the nature that is surrounding us.

Mindsweeper Project

The Mindsweeper Project from Germany is joining us once more with their illuminating and mesmerizing decoration around the festival. Already at our first edition, their psychedelic DIY style decoration was exhibited throughout the festival and gave Grounded Festival 2019 its unique touch.

Bosbaden | Circle That

Agnes from Circle That joined forces with Felipe van Dobschütz da Silva to build an immersive pop-up experience allowing people to get up close with nature and learn about its circular systems. The installation is based on the Japanese concept "shinrin-yoku or forestbathing” by recreating a miniature forest ecosystem. In forests, all 'waste' is a resource for something else. Just like a forest’s system, a circular economy is all about closing loops and regenerating resources rather than wasting them - essentially mimicking natural systems and cycles. So one of the best ways to make circularity a lived and seen experience is by using nature itself. Keep an eye out for the hexagonal terrarium-like structure at Grounded Festival and get lost in the woods.

Karenina van den Crommenacker

Karenina van den Crommenacker, bio artist and visual researcher, is intrigued by all that the nonhuman world has to offer. To learn about the ingenuity of other organisms and whole ecosystems, is incredibly fascinating to her. Fragments of film start to form in her head while doing her research, these visual associations are the start of her creative process. Karenina translates scientific processes and research into well-designed and appealing multimedia works. From honoring algae in a video installation to extracting test subject’s facial microbiomes that are presented in a bio art installation about bio privacy.


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Art & Decoration