About Us

Grounded connects people to celebrate a tangible sustainable culture. We are a diversely skilled community, driven by the common goal of regenerating our social and ecological system. Grounded is a community that stimulates connection, competence and autonomy by giving people the opportunity to create value-based initiatives. At Grounded, we engage people with culture and empower them to co-create projects surrounding food, education and art. Together we can have fun, without causing harm.

About us

Why? What? How?

Why? The people at Grounded have realised that the transition to a sustainable society is something we can start together, today.  That’s why we started to creatively put our skills together and create and regenerative culture. Just as in an ecosystem, this diversity creates more adaptively and stability. At Grounded we’re an open community, meaning that everyone can join. Together we celebrate and create a valuable and fulfilling life. We believe that sustainability enriches culture.

What? Grounded is a connector that helps motivated individuals and groups to practical projects, job opportunities and research. Want to see what we’re up to soon? Then go check out our social media channels.

Through positive, innovative and creative ideas we’re having fun creating a sustainable society. So far it has giving us more well-being, and the possibility to a brighter future.


The yummie stuff

Food is one of the cornerstones at Grounded. We have an extensive network of producers andsuppliers of local, sustainable food. We are proud of what our local ground has to offer and love to exhibit this in different ways at our events. Besides eating and serving delicious dishes and drinks, we also offer education about the products.

Grounded is working on an independent kitchen for dinner evenings, cooking classes and workshops about sustainable food. We are also looking to create a suitable local store with fresh and preservable products. 


Celebrating Regeneration

GROUNDED gives people the opportunity to be themselves and realise their true desires. Through future proofed cultural events we make partying feel even better than before. We’re a collaboration of passionate people that know how sexy sustainability can be. GROUNDED celebrates, shares and makes feeling good evenmore tangible.

GROUNDED organises party’s all year long, a big festival once a year, and regular meet-ups to inspire and create alternative and sustainable ways of living modern life. We’re making the transition to a sustainable world a touchable reality.